Young Energetic Solutions (YES), a statewide network of young adults committed to empowering young people to create a vibrant Connecticut has launched a new website,

YES is comprised of local YES hubs who recruit members to participate in the full range of activities in their communities, educating them on how to get involved in their communities through local Boards and Commissions. Members work together and with others to identify local improvements that can make their communities more attractive to young people.

A statewide Steering Committee connects and supports these local hubs by helping them learn from each others’ successes,  circulating new information and offering a helping hand when needed. Over time the network will adapt information technology and other tools to the work of community problem-solving and collaboration. And as common issues and concerns emerge from multiple communities, the network will give young people a voice in state policy discussions affecting younger people.

CMSC participates on YES and is represented on the statewide Steering Committee through its Communications Manager, Christine Schilke.