Since the Corporation for Independent Living (CIL) launched in 1979 with Martin “Marty” Legault at the helm, the firm has invested $458 million to construct or convert 2,205 dwelling unis into shelter for 7,200 residents in Connecticut and Massachusetts, reports the Hartford Business Journal.  (Mr. Legault is also a member of the CMSC Board of Directors.)  The company’s model – to finance, build, lease out, then ultimately give away supportive shelter for thousands of the state’s physically and mentally disabled, has proven to be a successful one.

CIL has applied this same methodology to it’s for-profit arm, and expects to take title to the derelict Capewell Horsenails factory in Hartford by late May, converting the building to 72 apartments and an adjacent parcel into 24 affordable townhomes.

With Legault, developer CIL soars as landlord