Our Awards Gala is our biggest public event of the year. It’s a time for us “Main Streeters” to gather and celebrate our achievements. This event is also the perfect time to talk about how important it is for all of us to support our downtowns and Main Streets.

Our Main Streets matter because they bring us together, offering us a chance to celebrate our past while creating a new, better future, designed not just to meet our current needs, but our desired outcomes, whether that’s shorter commutes, a greener planet, more entertainment choices or a greater variety of housing options. When our sponsors contribute, they give so much more than money, they provide us and our members the opportunity to do great things and to share that knowledge with others.

Our Awards Gala  is as well-received as it is because of the generous support of our sponsors. In doing so, they show they believe in our work, and that of our members. They understand that when our downtowns thrive, so do our local economies. Creating public spaces, affordable housing and growing businesses gives people the opportunity to improve their lives. By supporting us, we are then able to help our members create just such places. And when they do, we’re able to bring attention to their work and show others that it is possible, providing the tools to create their own great places.

To all of those who support CMSC including our sponsors, Board of Directors, members, colleagues and more, we say thank you for your continued commitment to Connecticut’s downtowns and Main Streets.