Many more upscale towns are applying for HomeCT grants in order to retain baby boomers and attract young millenials back to their hometowns, writes David Fink, Director of Policy at the Partnership for Strong Communities, in an editorial for the Hartford Courant.  He states there is great demand for this type of housing: in 133 of Connecticut’s 160 towns and cities, 70-93 percent of the housing stock in single-family while we have the seventh highest state rental costs in the nation.

Mr. Fink writes that the towns that adopt inclusionary zoning ordinances or otherwise rezone to allow for multifamily homes will be the ones that benefit.  By meeting market demand, residents and municipal leaders will be able to decide where the housing should be and how it will look.  In so doing, these communities will attract young families, recent graduates, police and firefighters, teachers and more. 

Upscale Towns Courting Affordable Housing