As you know, CMSC recently launched Come Home to Downtown, a new program which aims to increase the availability of mixed-use buildings in our downtowns.  Supported by the Connecticut Housing Finance Authority (CHFA), this program will help our three pilot communities in Middletown, Torrington and Waterbury to help turn underutilized buildings into housing and retail space. 

One of the reasons these pilot communities were chosen was because of their likelihood for replicability.  We want to be able to take what we learn in these towns and apply them to other downtowns across the State – and we are learning.  This program is new to us too, and because we want it to grow to all corners of Connecticut, we’re taking notes and sharing our experience with you.  We invite you to come along and join us as we work with consultants, town officials and the public to design great spaces where people can live, work and play on Main Street.