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Take Action

Take Action

There are lots of ways to show your support for CMSC and Connecticut’s downtowns and Main Streets. Each one is critical to our success and all of them are greatly appreciated!


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Add your voice!

CMSC depends on people just like you who love our Main Streets to help others understand how vital they are to our economies and communities. Add your voice to ours to champion policies and regulations that enable thriving and robust downtowns.


Join us at one of these terrific events!


Every contribution makes a difference!

We rely on your support to help us teach people how to cultivate great downtowns by:

  • Acting as the state’s leading downtown resource
  • Championing our downtowns and member communities at the State Legislature
  • Empowering communities to create downtowns that are resilient, lively and prosperous
  • Providing customized technical assistance to select downtowns and Main Streets

Scroll down to see the different ways you can get involved.

There Are Many Ways to Give


A general donation to CMSC is the simplest way to give and it has an immediate impact on our ability to serve communities. All donations are tax-deductible and don’t forget to ask your employer about matching gifts, forms for which are available through many company human resource departments. You may also set up recurring donations through our donation page to provide automatic donations on a weekly, monthly or annual basis using a debit or credit card. This is a simple way to contribute to either spread your larger donation throughout the year or to set up a payment that you don’t have to think about renewing in the future. 


We invite businesses to participate in our events through sponsorship to not only help us continue our mission, but to show their work in revitalizing and supporting communities. Corporate sponsors will be acknowledged during our event(s), as well as listed in any event promotional materials.


CMSC is pleased to offer Corporate Investor options to Connecticut businesses. By investing CMSC – the state’s leading downtown resource for over 20 years – these organizations are supporting a critical resource for Connecticut’s downtowns, helping us to enable robust, prosperous Main Streets full of people and activity.

Contact Us

If you are interested in becoming a Corporate Sponsor or Investor, please contact Christine Schilke, Marketing & Development Officer at 860-280-2356 or emailing

For General Inquiries, please click here

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