Sustainable CT is offering a three-part equity training series at multiple locations across the state. Attend one session or all three of the series; mix and match locations and dates that fit your schedule. Each session is free and open to all. You do not need to attend the sessions in any order, though we encourage you to attend all three sessions of the series if you can!

If you are a registered community, this equity training series will better prepare your community as you navigate Sustainable CT’s only required action, 9.1 Optimize for Equity. You might also get points for attending if you follow the guidelines listed in action 7.3 Train Municipal Representatives. These highly interactive sessions will provide the essential background on diversity, equity, and inclusion; they will demonstrate how to apply anti-racism strategies to municipal operations; they will cover how to hold conversations about race, bias, and equity; and more.

Session descriptions, dates, and locations below (registration required):

  1. Equity 101: This highly interactive training provides a comprehensive introduction to equity, diversity, and inclusion (DEI). The training offers a variety of tools and teaching methods including graphic facilitation, visual imagery, theoretical models, small group dialogue and kinesthetic interaction, to create a dynamic space that supports all types of learners.
  1. Everyday Anti-Racism: Advancing racial equity increases the prosperity, health, and safety of the entire community. In order to transform structures, organizations, communities, and systems, today’s leaders need to be able to lead with an anti-racism / racial equity lens. Workshop facilitators show leaders how to apply anti-racism strategies to policies, practices, programs, evaluation, and financial decisions that advance equity in practical, tangible ways. Through exercises, discussions, and presentations, participants will strengthen their knowledge of strategies and tools to achieve racial equity.
  1. How to Have a Conversation about Race, Bias, and Equity: Gathering diverse stakeholders for community conversations is an important strategy for healing racial divides and building trust among different racial and ethnic groups, law enforcement, and local elected officials. This workshop provides an in-depth focus on major cross-cultural communication theories, ways that cultural values, power, privilege, and differences affect the way we communicate, tools for questioning assumptions, and ways to improve cross-cultural communications.

Please contact Sustainable CT at if you have any questions. We hope to see you at the Equity Training Workshops! For more information on Sustainable CT’s resources to support building equitable communities visit their website.