UConn’s downtown is being transformed as the new Storrs Center continues to develop, reports the Hartford Courant.  The massice construction project has nearly doubled in size from a year ago, turning the small rural center into a budding college town.  Over the lat year, the $220 million project added 195 apartments, bringint the total to 322, all of them rented.  Leases signed with another eleven commercial tenants are expanding the number of shops, restaurants and other services to more than two dozen, says the Courant.

Although the new development was tough at times for local businesses temporarily moved during the construction, business is stabilizing and many hope for an increase as the shops and housing attract visitors and residents.  Mansfield Downtown Partnership, a CMSC member community, was honored during our recent Awards Gala with an Award of Excellence for their efforts in reaching out to local businesses displaced during the construction.  

Storrs Center Project Transforming Area Near UConn