Centerbrook Village Main Street improvements are moving ahead with a grant from the Small Town Economic Assistance Program (STEAP).  This project is building on a project funded by A Preservation of Place grant, from the Connecticut Main Street Center, which worked to establish a shared vision for Centerbrook Village.  According to the grant application, the current project will “enhance the multi-modal, complete-streets setting that the town seeks to establish while having a positive impact on the economic, commercial, and social environment of this historic village and better connect the diverse neighborhoods of Essex.”

Town of Essex First Selectman Norman M. Needleman says planning will continue through the spring with request for design proposals, and implementation should begin next fall.  The project will include various streetscape improvements including new sidewalks, lighting and gateway signage designed to more clearly distinguish between the villages of Essage, Centerbrook and Ivoryton, which are all distinct neighborhoods in the town of Essex.

STEAP Grant Construction to Revitalize Sense of Identity in Centerbrook —

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