Tripp Muldrow is part of a team that is creating a brand for Sandy Hook to help shopkeepers market the Newtown neighborhood, reports the Danbury News Times.  The slogan the team came up with is “Sandy Hook Village — A Place Within Us All.”  Mr. Muldrow used scientific analysis, market and economic research, and input fromt he community to design the new logo.

Mr. Muldrow is part of a conultant team assembled by CMSC and spearheaded by Kimberley Parsons-Whitaker, CMSC Associate Director. In addtion, the team also includes NetMark Consultants of Canton.  CMSC was chosen by Newtown officials to coordinate the branding and marketing campaign. The $50,000 cost of the campaign is covered through a $500,000 state grant intended to spark Sandy Hook’s economic recovery.

Sandy Hook remaking its image