Serve Here CT is a program which matches qualifying millennials with nonprofit jobs.  Currently funded by both public and private funds, the state funding comes from ConnectiCorps, which has been defunded in Gov. Malloy’s budget.

The Day profiles two success stories from the program:  Taylor Shelly, a theater student turned digital marketing professional, and Sandy Durosier, a biology student who now helps low-income students navigate the education system and become first-generation college students.  Two Connecticut millennials who quite likely would have left the state without Serve Here CT.

“Unless these states come up with ways of changing not only the economic environment, but also their appeal to young people who are looking for jobs and careers … we’re going to be sort of in the same situation as those we call the Rust Belt,”  Says Thomas Gullotta who created the program with Alva Greenberg.   “It’s an idea whose time probably has not yet come.” He continues, “It’s something people five, six, seven years from now will say, ‘We should have done this. Let’s try it now.’”

Program to keep millennials in state now facing budget ax — The Day