CMSC Board Member David Sousa writes a vivid, moving editorial espousing the benefit transit-oriented development (TOD) for the Hartford Courant.   As a landuse architect and urban planner at CDM Smith in New Haven, he is well aware of the value of this type of development that was once commonplace.  He writes:

“A 21st-century innovation in the form of transit-oriented development, known as TOD, is creating places that embody the early 20th-century urban ideal while accommodating current lifestyles and land uses. The term simply means residential and commercial development that is integrated with public transit. It provides more transportation choices, reduces energy use and air emissions, calms traffic, encourages private reinvestment and, in general, improves the quality of life in downtowns and urban neighborhoods. It is the 21st-century reincarnation of the places that nurtured our grandparents and all those eerily contented people peering out of old postcards while queuing up for the bus or trolley.”

People-Friendly Transit Can Revitalize Cities