The Connecticut Main Street Founder’s Award presented by Eversource
The Cities Project

The Cities Project is a collaboration between seven leading Connecticut journalism organizations who publish periodic articles exploring challenges and solutions related to revitalizing Connecticut’s cities. Members of the collaboration are the CT MirrorConnecticut Public RadioHearst Connecticut Media, the Hartford Courant, the Waterbury Republican- American, the Hartford Business Journal, and Purple States. Together these seven media companies describe the key challenges our cities face, identify solutions that other cities around the country have implemented to address similar challenges, and explore the feasibility of implementing those solutions in Connecticut.

Upon the debut of The Cities Project in March 2019, reporter Tom Condon wrote: “We will look at renewal efforts of the past and present, examining what worked and what didn’t. We will travel to cities in other states that are dealing with the same issues Connecticut cities face, to compare notes and see if there are ideas that might be useful here.” Condon continued: “And we will pay particular attention to the challenge of inclusive recovery — how a city can share downtown prosperity with struggling neighborhoods and build a local economy that provides opportunity for all residents.”

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 In an era when we are flooded with information, The Cities Project provides us with information necessary to influence policies and practices that positively affect the economic and social vibrancy of our main streets. From identifying obstacles to sharing nationwide best practices, The Cities Project has brought a statewide spotlight to the impact – good and bad – that investment and planning have on our downtowns. In doing so, they’ve highlighted why it’s important for CMSC to keep doing our work, so that all of our downtowns – rural, suburban and city – can enable prosperous economies and citizens.

About The Connecticut Main Street Founder’s Award presented by Eversource

Connecticut Main Street Center annually presents the Founder’s Award in recognition of individuals and organizations who dedicate themselves to promoting an awareness of the necessity of a comprehensive management approach to the revitalization of Connecticut’s historic downtowns and neighborhood commercial districts.  This year, CMSC has selected The Cities Project, journalism that explores the challenges and solutions related to revitalizing Connecticut’s cities.