2020 Award of Excellence Winner

Colorful Bridgeport
Bridgeport Downtown Special Services District


The Colorful Bridgeport branding & marketing program is changing people’s hearts and minds about Bridgeport by tapping into the authentic reality of the community as welcoming, friendly, eclectic, and radiating with diversity of every type.

The Bridgeport Downtown Special Services District and its stakeholders were motivated to recalibrate the external misperception of Downtown Bridgeport as an another declining, unsafe and largely vacant post-industrial Downtown. The Downtown business owners and residents know that the reality is quite different so they began with a strategic planning process that first focused on a vision for the district, defining their downtown as a friendly, eclectic business and residential community flourishing at the intersection of commerce, community, and cultures. The next step was to establish and communicate a recognizable, distinct identity and clear value proposition for Downtown Bridgeport.


At the outset it was important to focus on local talent when developing the campaign. The Bridgeport DSSD wanted local business and creative talent to benefit from rebranding efforts – and, in all stages, they hired locally to execute the different aspects of development and production.

Check out this video on Colorful Bridgeport!

The best branding programs are founded on storytelling, and Colorful Bridgeport does this expertly – spreading color and joy through public art, highlighting downtown entrepreneurs, residential spaces, events, and business offerings – all while elevating local talent.

In determining Awards of Excellence winners, Connecticut Main Street Center looks at the  replicability of an initiative. Colorful Bridgeport is easily replicable: start with a vision and develop the strategic plan to achieve that vision. Next, develop a recognizable, distinct identity and clear value proposition for downtown – while creating a framework for collaboration between community partners that didn’t previously exist.

From a design perspective, this program is visually and emotionally beautiful, boasting high-quality work. The brand is spot-on: authentic, fun, engaging, celebratory, and inclusive of community.

Using arts as an economic and social driver, this branding program raises all boats in Downtown Bridgeport: economic development, people, artists. Bridgeport radiates with diversity – and Colorful Bridgeport tells its story.