The sun sets behind the Hartford skyline on Dec. 29, nine months after the coronavirus pandemic began shuttering businesses and transforming the city. While Hartford has its problems, it also has much to offer. Photograph by Mark Mirko | (Mark Mirko/Mark Mirko)

David Griggs President and CEO of  MetroHartford Alliance speaks to Hartford’s strengths and why others ignore them: “Fast approaching my third year at the helm of the MetroHartford Alliance, I am disappointed when I see that even some of Connecticut’s most prominent Nutmeggers still do not understand the city that is Hartford. All too often, critics, most of whom have declined to invest their time or energy in moving Hartford forward, choose to focus exclusively on the negative. I sometimes think it must be exhausting for these individuals to actively block out the vibrant facets of our capital city so that they can remain fixated solely on the challenges that Hartford faces.”

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Opinion: Hartford’s critics need to open their eyes and see what the city has to offer — Hartford Courant