The proposal for the new mixed-use development in Downtown Hartford (“DoNo”) should include less parking and more money for improved sidewalks and connectivity to public transit and bike lanes, says Joseph Cutrufo in an Hartford Courant editorial.  The author notes that Hartford’s over supply of parking spaces is well documented, suggesting instead that no additional off-street parking be built, but rather pedestrian and bicycle access should be improved.

Downtown North is already served by several CT Transit bus routes, including the fare-free DASH Shuttle, and will be with a 10-minute walk from the soon-to-be opened CTfastrak busway and Union Station with its expanded rail line.  Mr. Cutrufo further argues that already too-wide streets should be converted to multi-modal lanes for pedestrians, bikes, cars and parking.  These ideas should be incorporated into the plans for the mixed-use development from the beginning, rather than being added in later.

Downtown North Chance to Enhance Transit