Kassi Jackson/The Hartford Courant

“Willimantic artist Ben Keller stands in front of his latest mural, inspired and based on Michelangelo’s painting of the hands of God and Adam in the Sistine Chapel. Keller, who wanted to express a concept that would resonate with the times, wrote on his Facebook page describing the mural: “This mural is for the present. While we need to keep distance from each other, we can’t help but naturally crave touch or physical interaction. Humanity was not designed to be distanced. One encouraging message to keep in mind, referencing Michelangelo’s original work — God is never too far away for us to cling to. Perhaps this is our Genesis of a new era. The story is yet to be told.” — Hartford Courant

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Missing human touch during pandemic, Willimantic artist paints his own take on Michelangelo’s ‘Creation of Adam’ — Hartford Courant