The Whey Station, a food truck serving gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, has begun renting space in Middletown’s Remington Rand building to accommodate its growing popularity, reports the Hartford Courant.

The popular food truck (which provided lunch during CMSC’s Placemaking II workshop) has grown each of the four years it’s been open, and will use the new space for food storage and preparation. Owners Jill and Josh Moskites are enrolling in the Citys’ small business incubator lease program, entering a five-year lease on 1,000 square feet for $100 per month for the first six months, with the rate increasing periodically until it is at market rate after five years.  The couple also plan to hire 1.5 positions to help with the business.

The city used federal funding to improve a portion of the Remington Rand building for small-business leases a few years ago. Businesses participating in the lease program get a lower rate to offset the cost of increasing their workforce, and they must make efforts to hire low- or moderate-income local residents.

Middletown Food Truck Whey Station Renting Space From City to Meet Demand