Photo Credit-Fernando Sabile

with Cynthia van Zelm, Executive Director of the Mansfield Downtown Partnership, Inc.

cynthiavzelm-croppedThe Mansfield Downtown Partnership works to create a vital new downtown that appeals to a wide range of people – families, students, seniors, etc. We create and implement community events, ensure the downtown is a well-oiled machine that provides easy access to our customers (parking, signage, welcome center), and assist our businesses with promotion and access to markets through our connection with the UConn community.

Between providing advice on how best to structure our fledging organization back in 2001 to providing workshops on parking, promotion, and transit-oriented development after our downtown was under construction, CMSC has been a critical resource to the Partnership as we built our new downtown – Storrs Center.

Learn more about the Mansfield Downtown Partnership here.



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CMSC works with over 70 member communities across the state, providing education and technical assistance and offering guidance on how to create authentic, dynamic places. Our members represent towns with a collective population of over 1.8 million people – giving the majority of Connecticut’s residents access to some of the most interesting, fun, and walkable main streets in the state, from the quaint village centers of the Northwest Corner to the bustling downtowns of Waterbury and Middletown.