Board Member of the Year – Eileen LeMay 

Waterbury Bd fo the Yr-croppedEileen LeMay is a member of the Executive committee of the Main Street Waterbury (MSW) Board of Directors, serving as Board Secretary. She also served as member and Chair of the MSW Promotion Committee, and a member of their tenth anniversary celebration committee.

In each position Eileen was a strong contributor. She mentored individuals with ease due to her strong organizational and inherent people skills, expanding member capabilities as well as organizational goals and work objectives.

Whether moving out of her role as Promotion Committee Chair or assisting with changes in the Executive Committee line-up, Eileen makes sure things run smoothly. People respond well to her approach to challenge and change. She helps keep the Board and others up-to-date with the information necessary to move ahead. Eileen is a strong and constant participant in the growth and success of the Main Street Waterbury organization.

Volunteer of the Year – Rob Gardner 

Waterbury Volunteer of the Yr-croppedMain Street Waterbury created the Brass City Brew Fest in 2005, which was highly successful from its initial introduction. In 2011, Rob Gardner, owner of Nutmeg fine Wines and Spirits, joined the planning committee for the beer fest and his contributions since have been consistently significant. His business now serves as the host for this event and in that role, has helped it to grow and expand, building increased numbers of partnerships with the beer vendors.

In addition, Rob has gone on to assist with fostering a new fund raising project, helping to plan and execute Wine on Main St, a wine tasting event that drew rave reviews and an audience anxious to attend the second offering in October 2014. He made it easy to secure the wines and the information about those that pleased attendees so much. When the event was a resounding success, he further assisted Main Street Waterbury by returning a significant portion of the proceeds he earned from after-event sales of wines to the organization. He has shared his expertise, contacts, and creative energies willingly and amicably. He participates in planning sessions applying his time and talents to ensure success, and has proven to be an excellent aide to Main Street Waterbury’s growth.

Congratulations to the Main Street Waterbury Team!