With the likelihood of a special session next week, now is the time to reach out to your legislators to ask that they preserve the Community Investment Act – and the critical resources needed to preserve and revitalize our Main Streets.

The Community Investment Act has funded nearly 1400 projects statewide, with $152 million invested in Connecticut.

to see how your community has benefited from the Community Investment Act

Tell Legislators:
  • Hello, my name is _________ and I am a (constituent, Main Street director, Economic Development Director, etc.) I support protection and continued funding for the Community Investment Act.
  • I am calling today to ask (Senator __, or Representative ___) to pass a budget as soon as possible that preserves the Community Investment Act. These funds are essential for the preservation and revitalization of our historic city and town centers.
  • CIA has funded programs that encourage transit-oriented housing and commercial development along Connecticut’s growing transit corridors.
  • There are 187 million square feet of vacant and underutilized space in our historic downtowns which, when fully developed, can produce 88,000 units of housing of which 17,600 or more could be affordable, 20,000 new businesses and over $1 billion in new annual sales and income tax to the state. The Community Investment Act is critical to our ability to reinvest in Connecticut’s downtowns.
Tell Legislators:  Protect and continue funding the Community Investment Act, which brings clear value to Connecticut’s Affordable Housing, Farmland and Open Space, and Historic Preservation, and the Revitalization of Connecticut’s Downtowns and Village Centers.

CLICK HERE to view the full alert, including a list of legislative leaders and their contact information.