The Town of Simsbury came together to carefully craft regulations that will ensure future development fits with their historic charm and carefully integrates their natural and historic assets into development

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Hiram Peck, AICP, Director of Community Planning & Development

Simsbury concept draft

A concept drawing from a Simsbury’s charrette that invited the public to comment on how they want the town to develop into the future.

Simsbury boasts a rich cultural history, and has sought to carefully integrate its natural and historic assets into their development.  Forefront of this endeavor for many years was Hiram Peck, a professional planner for over 25 years.  Hiram has worked with municipalities, the federal government/USDA, regional planning agencies, and private clients. Simsbury’s Director of Planning from 2007-2015, Hiram remained ever focused on the land and man’s optimal relation to it.

Working with Simsbury Main Street Partnership, he coordinated an extensive consensus building process involving a community design charrette and adoption of a Form Based Coding effort for Simsbury Town Center. This is an issue he is passionate about, and has been working with several firms and groups in many states on Form Based Codes for several years. In addition, a Planned Area Development regulation was recently adopted, allowing the town to carefully craft future development so it fits with their historic charm. Work on Low Impact Development (LID) storm water regulation and Incentive Housing Development Zones are also well underway, serving their environmental goals and desire to attract new residents. Other progressive endeavors under Hiram’s guidance included significant mixed-use development and transit related projects.