Collab Exchange opens Friday on Main Street in Bridgeport.

Jordan Grice/Hearst CT Media: (Left to Right) Natalie Pryce, Kelvin Ayala. Razul Branch, Keith Jackson, Noel Sepulveda, founders of local community development agency I Luv Bridgeport.

The local group I Luv Bridgeport is developing this downtown storefront space to promote the city and provide co-operative working and retail space for local entrepreneurs.

“Retail has not been sustainable in downtown Bridgeport and other cities,” said Kelvin Ayala, co-founder of I Luv Bridgeport. “A lot of the reasons are that barriers to entry in terms of cost for large spaces is, typically, not in the budget of small-business entrepreneurs.” I Luv Bridgeport aims to change all that by helping to small-businesses with the typical challenges of successful retail: high rent, overhead and lack of foot traffic, and giving them a chance to test out their products and grow their businesses.

The space will house up 15 entrepreneurs under one roof in one of the ground-level storefronts of the HSW building, which has apartments in its upper floors. The hope that these businesses will eventually be empowered to open independent storefronts throughout the city.

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