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CMSC Blog: A Unified Voice in Support of Downtown

A Unified Voice in Support of Downtown By Michelle McCabe, CMSC Executive Director I fell in love with Fairfield because of its downtown.  The charm of attractive storefronts and restaurants, the feel of lots going on, watching people bustling about on a sunny day together combined to communicate a warm, welcoming community that I wanted […]

CMSC Blog: From Problems to Partners Training Recap

From Problems to Partners Training Recap By Kristen Lopez As a Main Street professional, do any of these challenges sound familiar? The need to rebuild trust A COVID-created sense of disconnectedness Educating the community on “why” Getting buy-in or people to commit and participate Communication issues like leveraging technology and collaborating across sectors Resistance to […]

CMSC Blog: Right-sizing Projects in Today’s Volatile Construction Market

Right-sizing Projects in Today’s Volatile Construction Market By Michael C. Scott, AIA, TSKP STUDIO There are two Towns only 9 minutes apart in the surprisingly large state of Pennsylvania, the Town of Desire and the Town of Panic. As architects, we find ourselves on the road driving between desire and panic, trying to find the […]

An Interview with Raquel Vazquez, The Empowered Block

An Interview with Raquel Vazquez, The Empowered Block With Kristen Lopez In September we’ll be hosting a training workshop called, From Problems to Partners: How to Successfully Engage Merchants, Property Owners, and Municipal Departments. This issue is raised frequently by our members across the state, and it requires time to build and strengthen community engagement […]

Making the Most Out of Your Street Lights

Making the Most out of Your Street Lights by Penn Globe Downtown streetlights have historically had a singular purpose; light our streets and make residents feel safe. But what if lights could deliver more than lighting? Today’s forward thinking planners and managers believe they can and should. Streetlight poles can provide both a signature aesthetic […]

Engaging Your Board to Assist Your Fundraising Efforts

Engaging Your Board to Assist Your Fundraising Efforts By Brian Thomas I have been involved in some great boards in my professional career. Most have been knowledgeable, energetic, forward-thinking, and true assets to the organization they represent. However, there is one important aspect of board membership that few people are enthusiastic about – fundraising. Most […]

Lighting for Equitable Revitalization

Lighting for Equitable Revitalization By Mark Loeffler, IALD, IES, LEED Fellow and Edward Bartholomew, IALD, IES, LEED AP Lighting is an essential, but often overlooked element of the revitalization of cities, towns, and neighborhoods. Well-designed, well-maintained lighting is welcoming and reassuring. Everyone deserves good lighting: visually appealing, environmentally responsible, and socially beneficial. However, historically neglected […]

Downtown Light Pole Banners

Downtown Light Pole Banners A Versatile, Effective Medium for Promotion, Wayfinding & Streetscape Enhancement  Those colorful vertical banners that can be seen on light poles throughout many municipalities are known by several different names. These banners are commonly referred to as Light Pole Banners, Avenue Banners, Lamp Post Banners, or more simply, Pole Banners. These […]

Welcome to Downtown!

Welcome to Downtown! I’m Carl Rosa, Connecticut Main Street Center’s new Field Services Director. This is a newly created position with a main responsibility that involves visiting with all current member downtowns as well as cultivating new communities into our CMSC family. Prior to this role, for over 17 years, I had the privilege and […]

A Look at What’s Ahead in Education & Training at CMSC

A Look at What’s Ahead in Education & Training at CMSC The work you do as leaders of your downtowns and Main Streets is transformative – changing not only the appearance and safety of a space but changing the attitudes, livelihoods, and quality of life of your constituents. The Education & Training Director role at […]

COVID Era Street Changes Could Bring on Urban Renaissance

As society steps out of the fog of that we have endured over past two years, downtowns should continue to look to the measures we took during the COVID-19 pandemic for ways to re-engage people in our public spaces. One action many communities quickly took was ensuring that bars and restaurants could use and expand […]

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