“There’s been a role reversal in that cities now are becoming more valuable and producing higher yields than the suburbs. Soon, the strong retailers will be leaving the malls and going into downtowns and going into cities. In the case of Detroit, the city’s downtown now has higher rents than the suburb of Birmingham, which formerly had the highest rents in the region. Downtown Detroit has a lower office vacancy than the suburbs. I think we’re in the very early stages of this trend. The suburbs that are performing well are those that emulate cities and create mixed-use, walkable places. In my opinion the suburbs have peaked and I think they’re in the beginning of a long and deep decline.”  — Robert Gibbs

Public Square editor Robert Steuteville interviewed planner and landscape architect Robert Gibbs, author of Principles of Urban Retail Planning and Development, and architect and urban designer Seth Harry, expert on sustainable commerce, on the challenges of mixed-use urban centers.

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Great idea: Mixed-use urban centers – Public Square, a CNU Journal