The Town of Newtown will use their $10,000 Preservation of Place grant from from Connecticut Main Street Center (CMSC) for the creation of a Sandy Hook Village Signage and Wayfinding Design Plan, reports the Newtown Bee.

CMSC was contracted in 2013 to provide an economic recovery and marketing and branding campaign for the Village of Sandy Hook.  CMSC coordinated the consultant team which included Arnett Muldrow & Associates who prepared the marketing campaign and recommended that a signage and wayfinding study be completed.  Such signage, which directs visitors to Sandy Hook Village of parking, restaurant, arts, etc., is currently lacking, especially in the areas of both Exits 10 and 11 off I-84.

The town worked closely with the Sandy Hook Organization for Prosperity (SHOP) leadership and other Sandy Hook Village stakeholders to complete the grant application.  As a next step, a Request for Proposals (RFP) will be issued for a consultant to complete the study and make recommendations on the design and location of the signage.

SHOP was thrilled to learn they were awarded the grant. “Since the very beginning of our branding and marketing relationship with Connecticut Main Street through the STEEP grant signage has been on the top of our list of items needed to help Sandy Hook Village become the pedestrian destination we want to be,” SHOP spokesman Joe Hemingway told The Bee.

Grant For Sandy Hook ‘Wayfinding’ Design Plan