Thursday, December 3, 2015
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Healthy Placemaking ThumbTransforming the built environment to improve health outcomes can take years, if not decades, right? Not exactly. Learn about short-term, low cost yet high impact strategies to empower communities while creating great places in neighborhoods, towns, cities, and regions. Our presenters will share examples from a wide range of projects they have been involved with including passive and active recreation amenities and street rede-signs that prioritize pedestrians and farmers’ markets stands.

Our Presenters
Kate Rube, Vice President, Project for Public Spaces. Kate manages the organization’s transportation program, developing technical assistance and trainings to foster more livable transpor-tation networks, streets, and transit stops.

Jennifer Smith, Program Manager, Downtown Providence Parks Conservancy. Jennifer focuses on bringing high quality, ac-cessible arts, cultural, educational, and recreational programming to public audiences, building partnerships, and fostering owner-ship and positive uses of the space by the community as a key part a larger revitalization effort.

Registration is FREE. Questions? Contact Kathi Traugh at 203-785-2868 or