Friday, October 25, 2013
8:30 am

The Lyceum Center
227 Lawrence St
Hartford, CT 06106
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Learn what it takes to make a great place.
It starts by creating a place where people feel they belong. Where they feel empowered to help shape their neighborhoods, physically and culturally.


Sessions and Speakers

The Art of Planning Public Events
Robert Gregson, Creative Director, CT Office of Tourism
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Mr. Gregson will provide examples of events and programs he has helped create throughout Connecticut to bring artists, businesses and the community together to enliven downtowns and neighborhoods.  He will share stories and case studies like – Thursday is a Work of Art (when artists owned Hartford’s streets!) to illustrate how to plant the seeds for communities to take risks and explore the question, “where does art stop and everyday life begin?”  He will share the lessons learned over decades that still resonate today to bring the community and resources together to celebrate arts and culture in the public realm.

Building Community by Activating the Public Realm
Gary Toth, Senior Director, Transportation Initiatives, Project for Public Spaces
Due to the size of the presentation, please contact if you would like to receive a copy.

This presentation will define the principles of “streets as places” and will teach attendees how to conduct a place performance evaluation that can lead to showcasing local assets to create a distinct sense of place.  Mr. Toth will suggest strategies that activate streets, buildings, and the places in between – while drawing in people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds.  This approach to placemaking will be of particular interest to Connecticut communities with town greens – these beautiful expanses of verdant space that provide “an oasis of quiet” in the midst of an urban setting that can also become pockets of dynamic activity all day long.

How Culture Can Engage Communities & Support Place-Based Networks
Tamara Greenfield, Executive Director, Fourth Arts Block, NYC
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Ms. Greenfield will focus on the importance of local assets and community engagement in placemaking, drawing on her experience developing Fourth Arts Block (FABnyc) into a professionally managed but community-driven nonprofit organization. FABnyc has helped connect and promote a local network of artists, cultural organizations and small businesses through participatory planning, special events, public art, resource-sharing and sustainability initiatives. Ms. Greenfield will share examples of how culture can activate public spaces and streets – with important lessons learned for sustaining these spaces, welcoming the public, and allowing culture to thrive.

Redefining Placemaking:  It’s a Discipline, not just a Project
Stuart Pertz, FAIA, Architect and Urban Planner
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Part of a team charged with creating the Master’s Degree in Urban Placemaking & Management (UPM) at Pratt Institute, Mr. Pertz will discuss the range of disciplines one needs to build and manage great places.  He will also explore the importance of all kinds of places for people and their communities, and what planning, urban design and architecture might be like if our primary concern was making all public space people-supportive and welcoming.