Thursday, June 27, 2013
8:30 am - 2:00 pm

Sessions and Speakers

Eric Halvorsen, AICP, Project Manager
Metropolitan (Boston) Area Planning Council  
The Metropolitan Area Planning Council developed a classification system for the 280+ station areas in the region, and began working with municipalities to identify opportunities and impediments to development around transit stations.  This presentation describes the benefits to stakeholders and the critical roles of state, nonprofit, insitutional, and private sector partners in moving together from vision to reality.
How to Build a Transit Village: NJ Transit’s Experience
Vivian Baker, Assistant Director, Transit Friendly Land Use & Development
New Jersey Transit Corporation
The State of New Jersey focuses the resources and expertise of a number of state agencies, in partnership with municipalities and private sector entities, to help 26 towns plan and redevelop the areas around their transit stations by creating vibrant, pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods.  New Jersey Transit provides “Transit-Friendly Planning Assistance” as the critical first step for achieving desired development outcomes.
Interactive Discussion: Transit Village Development in Connecticut
A discussion on the various roles needed to bring transit villages to life in Connecticut, how these roles will be assigned and how they will inter-relate.