Community Viz – Community Viz provides technology that allows people to envision land use alternatives and understand their potential impacts.

Congress for the New Urbanism – The principles of the New Urbanism include coherent regional planning, walkable neighborhoods, and attractive, accommodating civic spaces.

Connecticut Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects (CTASLA) – The advancement of knowledge, education and skill in the art and science of Landscape Architecture as an instrument of service in the public welfare.

Form-Based Codes Institute – An emerging approach that recognizes that a community’s physical form is its most intrinsic and enduring characteristic.

Green Initiatives – Main Street Iowa incorporates “Green” in all of its programs.  The Division shares information on the GreeNetwork, incorporates green practices into meetings and workshops, requires certain green criteria be met on funded projects, offers a wide range of green resources and much more.

International Downtown Association – A world leader and champion for vital and livable urban centers.

National Center for Recreation & Conservation – National Park Service programs that assist community-led efforts to restore rivers, establish trails, save open spaces, rebuild parks, and preserve other special places.

Project for Public Spaces – PPS is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating and sustaining public places that build communities.

Town Greens – Be it a tree-shaded park, a busy city square or a quiet churchyard, the town green is a familiar New England icon and a cherished tradition that does more to embody Connecticut’s strong self sense of history and civic pride than any other feature of the landscape.

UCONN College of Agriculture & Natural Resources – Advancing a philosophy and process for guiding the creation and preservation of meaningful and sustainable environments intended to improve the human experience.

Yale Urban Design Workshop – Engaging in the study of issues, ideas and practical problems in the realm of contemporary urbanism and public landscape.

Walkable Neighborhoods – walkable neighborhoods are good for your health and good for the environment.

Downtown Research & Development Center – a forum for exchanging news, information and ideas about rebuilding city centers.

Placemaking is. . .  – CMSC’s Associate Director outlines the basics of placemaking.