The effects of the coronavirus are being felt across the world as people practice social distancing, which is having a significant impact on our local businesses and employees. We recognize that both short-term measures and long-term solutions will be needed to restore the health of our local, state and national economies.

CMSC supports many of the advocacy and legislative initiatives being put forward at the state and federal level. If you can, please add your voice of support to the following:

Federal Initiatives

State Initiatives

  • Connecticut Restaurant Association Letter to Governor Lamont – This letter lays out 4 requests to Governor Lamont for immediate assistance to restaurants. They include 1) Immediate & Significant Capital Injections; 2) Forgive Sales Tax Payments for At Least 3 Months; 3) Fund a State-Backed Business Interruption Insurance program; and 4) Address Unemployment Compensation Issues.


Looking forward, we will continue to gather input from our member communities and industry partners about how we can best address the challenges presented by the coronavirus.

  • Please feel free to contact us with ideas for state policy, regulations, loans or programs that you think will be beneficial to our communities and businesses.
  • CMSC continues to meet with Downtown/Main Street Working Group of the legislature, led by state Reps. Jane Garibay and Quentin Phipps. We will continue to present ideas, information and proposals to the group as we go forward.