We’re vocal champions of policies & regulations that support thriving downtowns and prosperous local economies.

CMSC understands the economic, social and historic value of our downtowns. We engage with state & local leaders, private sector partners, and downtown professionals to bring awareness of the needs and benefits of Connecticut’s commercial corridors and historic Main Streets.

Here are some of the ways CMSC is advocating on behalf of our downtowns:

2022 CMSC Advocacy Priorities – CMSC supports our Main Streets by advocating for specific legislative changes and general policies that enhance our downtowns’ walkability, expand housing, encourage business, enable inclusivity and foster innovation. Our annual list of legislative priorities serves as a resource for state and local leaders to support robust downtowns. Organized around the six key tenets of a healthy downtown, it outlines several initiatives that will benefit CT’s Main Streets including growing tools and resources for small businesses; providing communities tools to address abandoned and blighted communities; supporting diversity of people, incomes and uses in our downtowns and more. Read it here.

Downtown Working Group – We actively participate in the Downtown Working Group chaired by Reps. Quentin Phipps (Middletown), Jane Garibay (Windsor/ Windsor Locks) and Jennifer Leeper (Fairfield). We encourage other legislators to join the Working Group to learn more about how we can better serve Connecticut’s downtowns & Main Streets now and as we move forward. You can also click here to view information from our webinar Advocating for Main Street where we talk with the Representatives about the Downtown Working Group.


CMSC believes there are 6 core components to a healthy downtown: Place, Economics, Connectivity, Sustainability, and Stewardship.  Each year we monitor legislation that will impact our downtowns and Main Streets around these key areas and often provides oral or written testimony in support or opposition of a bill.