We know downtown revitalization – and we want you to know it too.
DRI-Placemaking 2

Presenters at our placemaking workshop demonstrated how something as simple as colorful chairs can create an engaging public space.

Downtowns are complex. They incorporate businesses, public spaces, various means of transportation, art, activities and more, all of which need to be maintained and managed. So what’s the best way to put the pieces together to create a downtown that’s clean, safe, inviting and fun?

At CMSC we know it can be confusing and overwhelming to address the many aspects of creating a great downtown. We believe education is a critical component to the success of a Main Street district. That’s why we established the Downtown Revitalization Institute. Throughout the year, we host national and local experts who share the industry’s best practices and strategies for reinvigorating our commercial centers. These workshops provide relevant, real-world experience, offering examples to inspire your community. For those seeking additional assistance, we also have an extensive library of links to additional information and services available in our Resources section.

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Main Street Forums for the 21st Century

Main Street Forums for the 21st Century

Let our experts show you how to reinvigorate your community. When people know better, they do better. That's the premise behind our Main Street Forums for the 21st Century , a  comprehensive suite of programming that includes customized, peer-to-peer, ...
Community Resources

Community Resources

We offer information that communities need to successfully revitalize their downtowns. This is a one-stop shop for information and links to other organizations that offer insights and services for improving your downtown. Whether you’re a volunteer o...


There’s always something happening on Main Street! Check out our calendar of events to find important seminars, workshops and networking events taking place around the state and nation. These events will help you connect with peers and experts on all a...