Downtown Torrington may soon have 16 additional housing units above commercial space, if the building’s owners decided to implement recommendation’s from CMSC’s Come Home to Downtown program, the Register Citizen reports.

Torrington was one of three pilot communities chosen for the first year of the Come Home to Downtown program, which CMSC was contracted by the Connecticut Housing Finance Authority to design and implement.  CMSC and its consultant team provided an analysis of the Torrington building as part of the program, providing the building owners with recommended redevelopment options based on the building and an assessment of the local market.  The Torrington building chosen for the program currently has eight units, two of which are occupied.  The CMSC team recommended redeveloping the eight units into 16 smaller units.

The building’s owners are in the process of deciding whether to  move forward with the redevelopment.  However, there is a general consensus among the City Planner, Torrington’s Economic Development Director, the building owners and other downtown development owners that more people downtown is a good thing.  More “feet on the street” means more business for local merchants, and having more housing downtown will support that.

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