“What good are dedicated funds if the money earmarked for specific programs is taken and used for other purposes?” the Norwich Bulletin asks in a recent editorial condemning the proposed sweep of Community Investment Act funds.

The Bulletin notes the Governor has proposed “lock boxing” transportation funds for transportation needs only, while contradictorily raiding Community Investment Act funds to balance the budget.

Community Investment Act funds come from a recording fee on land transactions and are to be used to preserve open space, farmlands, historic preservation and affordable housing. To date, “More than $133 million has been distributed to 165 Connecticut cities and towns in the last decade, creating some 4,000 jobs while preserving tens of thousands of acres of open space and farmland, preserv[ing] hundreds of historic structures and increasing housing opportunities.”

The editorial urges the Governor and legislature to reconsider sweeping the funds, keeping them for their intended use instead.

Dedicated funds are not convenient ATMs

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