Coventry and North Branford will be working together to get fresh insight into the economic development of their respective downtowns.

As participants in the First Impressions program jointly organized by the Connecticut Main Street Center and the University of Connecticut Extension, volunteers from each town will visit the other town’s downtown and provide constructive feedback about their experiences.

“When you are too close to something, you don’t see what you have, you don’t see the good, you don’t see the bad,” Coventry Town Manager John Elsesser said. “It’s an interesting approach to have somebody else give us an honest opinion.”

Coventry Director of Planning and Development Eric Trott said the town is in the process of revising its plan of conservation and development and is looking at areas that need improvement.  The First Impressions feedback will contribute to the plan “Newcomers will see opportunities, strengths and weaknesses and will give us unique insights,” Trott said.

Coventry to partner with North Branford — The Chronicle