Step Four: Write the Job Description

Now that your Search Committee has a very clear understanding of what the role entails and what is needed in your next Main Street Executive, it is time to craft the job description.

  • Review the results of the Community Survey and debrief on the community focus group. Take note of recurring themes and top concerns discussed.
  • Review your organization’s strategic goals (if an existing program) and consider the unique characteristics of your district and incorporate them into the desired skills for your executive.
  • Review the attached Job Description Template. Determine if there are any special qualifications that you require.
  • Determine the title for the role.
    • Note: CMSC recommends CEO or Executive Director, which most accurately reflect both the demands of the position and the relationship to a non-profit board.
  • Determine salary and benefits, as well as develop a personnel policy which addresses all legal issues of employment including, but not limited to vacation, holidays, medical and other leave.
    • A typical salary for a Main Street Executive is commensurate with community’s economic development director.
    • New Connecticut law requires employers to disclose the salary range. We recommend you provide the salary range on the job description. This is an equity best practice and ensures you receive interested applications.
  • Determine if you will enter into a contractual agreement or hire on an “at will employee” basis.
  • Decide if you want to receive a cover letter with the resume and references.
  • Tip: Your local Community Foundation may have a non-profit support program. Ask if they have additional resources for hiring a non-profit executive.

Time Frame

  • Writing the job description can take 1-3 weeks to be drafted and approved by the Search Committee.

Action Kit Resource

To Do

  • Write job description