Step Five: Advertise the Position

First, determine the deadline for submission of resumes. We suggest keeping the posting open for 4 weeks.

Second, promote the posting.

  • Send out a press release announcing the new organization and the job opening to your local media.
  • Utilize your network of board members, volunteers, and partners by sending them the job description and encouraging them to refer “outstanding candidates” to the Search Committee.
  • Post the position on local, regional, and national job boards.
  • Circulate job posting to (check all that apply):
    • Local organizations and clubs
    • Career services offices at local colleges and universities
    • Historic preservation organizations
    • National Trust of Main Street Center (
    • Non-profit organizations
    • Economic and community development organizations
    • Planning and architectural organizations
    • Local municipality
    • Distribute the job posting to town library, community center, and gathering spots
    • Other partner organizations

Time Frame

  • Posting the job description across multiple channels should be completed within 1 week.

Action Kit Resource

To Do

  • Decide application deadline
  • Post job listing across different channels