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An organization transitioning to new leadership has an opportunity to deepen relationships with the community and strengthen the organization’s internal workings. Hiring a new Main Street Executive allows an organization to reposition itself and infuse it with new life. However, without strong Board leadership, the organization may flounder, leading to time delays in hiring the new Main Street Executive or worse, choosing the wrong person for the job.

To assist in achieving the best outcome, Connecticut Main Street Center developed this action kit to support organizations in hiring a new leader.  It should be noted that in this guide we refer to this position as “Main Street Executive”; however, there are many other titles that may be used for a person in this role. Additionally, we refer to the Main Street Program as the entity; however, a Business Improvement District (BID), Special Services District (SSD), downtown district, or commercial district are comparable organizations, and we would recommend following the same process.

This Action Kit is designed to guide a board through the process of hiring a new Main Street Executive, following Human Resources and Main Street best practices.

Steps to Hiring a Main Street Executive

  1. Assemble a Search Committee
  2. Send an Exit Survey
  3. Understand the Role
  4. Write the Job Description
  5. Advertise the Position
  6. Interviewing
  7. Orientation and Onboarding

How to Use this Action Kit

You can view this action kit in two ways – digitally through this online course or with the printer-friendly guide. Each modality will guide you step-by-step through the hiring process and provide you with estimated timeframes you can use throughout the entire process. Accompanying the guide are PDFs, Word Documents, and a PowerPoint Presentation templates to edit to fit your context.

If you go through this action kit through the online course, each lesson will have links to download the relevant resources.

If you wish to print the action kit, below are the links to all the downloads:

Download printer-friendly “Hiring Your Main Street Executive Action Kit” [PDF]

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