Connecticut’s aging population is increasing so rapidly that it is imperative we begin designing livable communities to meet their needs, writes Alyssa Norwood, Program Manager at the Legislative Commission on Aging, in a blog for the Partnership for Strong Communities.

The segment of Connecticut’s residents aged 65 and older is expected to grow by 57% between 2010 and 2040, while growth among people aged 20 to 64 is projected to increase only 2%.  In response, the CT General Assembly has charged the Legislative Commission on Aging with leading the state’s livable communities initiative, with the goal of creating communities that are vibrant and accommodate a range of residents with affordable and appropriate housing options, community services and amenities, and multiple means of transit.

To date, the Legislative Commission on Aging has created a website on livable communities and formed about 30 strategic partnerships across multiple sections (CMSC is a partner organization), along with outlining a process for creating livability for local municipal leaders and submitting the organization’s first annual report to the CT General Assembly.

Connecticut’s Legislative Commission on Aging is Creating Great Places to Grow Up and Grow Older