New Haven continues to progress on efforts to create a citywide Main Street organization.  Over the weekend, about 25 residents from communities around Grand, Whalley and Dixwell Avenues met to learn about the “Main Street Approach” to neighborhood economic revitalization, reports the Yale Daily News.

Earlier this year, the city contracted CMSC to conduct a study on the feasibility of a citywide main street program.  CMSC recommended additional training for city staff and neighborhood stakeholders on the Main Street approach, provided by the National Main Street Center, a nonprofit that focuses on revitalizing historic commercial districts, and of which CMSC is a member.  It was this training that was conducted over the weekend.

While the attendees were appreciative of the training, there was also an acknowledgement of the particular challenges facing New Haven, including “creating a new set of human infrastructure to spearhead efforts in each neighborhood” and the fact that New Haven is a larger city than most other main street communities.

City’s main street project gets underway