The City of Bridgeport has issued an Request for Qualifications for its Downtown Investment and Development Program. 

The Bridgeport Office of Planning and Economic Development (OPED) is seeking a professional consultant(s) or multi-disciplinary team of consultants to synthesize and implement the Bridgeport Downtown Investment and Development Program.

Bridgeport’s Downtown is growing, and to accelerate that growth Mayor Ganim and the Bridgeport City Council recently authorized $20 million in capital bond funding to invest in downtown. Additionally, the City has attracted another $30 million in federal and state funding for Downtown infrastructure. A considerable amount of planning has been done for the Downtown and the City now looks to implement those plans by: making specific investments; forming public-private development partnerships; leveraging additional funds; managing public assets to add value; modernizing infrastructure and updating development incentives. They are seeking a firm to help them to prioritize, finalize, and implement what will be a varied and comprehensive investment and development program.

Submissions are due Wednesday, November 1st, 2017

Click here to view the full RFQ.