After seven years of successfully championing Westville and the Westville Village Renaissance Alliance, Chris Heitmann is saying farewell.  Chris and his wife, Cyra Levenson, are moving to Cleveland where she will be the new director of the Cleveland Museum of Art.


Chris’s leadership has been instrumental in so many Westville projects.  However he credits many others and is certain the renaissance will continue.  “We’re only as successful as our partnerships,” he said. “If we didn’t have this partnership with Mitchell Library—the New Haven Free Public Library—our concert series would not be what it is. Our partnership with City Seed and the farmer’s market … even the individual business owners like John Cavaliere. He brings such tremendous richness to the neighborhood through Lyric Hall. We pull resources in to work with him to help him keep doing what he’s doing.”

Clearly Chris will be greatly missed.

A Renewer Heads West — New Haven Independent