The Hartford Courant editorial staff lays out seven simple reasons why Connecticut should take regionalism to heart and support our capital city.  Number 7 sounds an awful lot like the arguement CMSC would make for any downtown center:

7. Investing in Hartford is investing in the entire region. A strong urban core is vital to a strong region. It becomes a magnet for bright young minds and the businesses that need them. Millennials insist on a vibrant metro scene that includes a wide range of live music, sports and cultural events, none of which would be possible without a pedestrian-friendly center peppered with thriving eateries and hangouts.

UConn will soon open a campus in downtown Hartford, one of the most promising moves to the city in some time. An infusion of young adults with money to spend will encourage businesses to open.

Done right, an investment in Hartford will pay for itself many times over.”

Read about all 7 reasons here:  7 Reasons To Save Hartford – Hartford Courant Editorial