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V.2.6 Attracting Development and Business


Provide a warm welcome for developers and businesses by making it easy to access information regarding community vision, regulations, permitting, available economic incentives and demographics.


Be stage setters! You want developers and businesses to invest in, and become part of, your Main Street community! Giving them the experience of a “one stop shop” makes your Main Street and your community all that much more appealing. This is often the first experience they’ll have with you and  their success will be supported by what you provide to them in these early stages.

  1. Be clear and intentional with the community’s (or Main Street’s) plan or vision. Communicate that vision so developers and businesses know what you’re looking for. 
  2. Create economic incentives and update zoning regulations and permitting processes to remove barriers for businesses and developers
  3. Make information easily accessible online for developers and businesses
  4. Delegate a point person to coordinate the process for permitting and approvals

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