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V.2.2 Inventory of Vacant Lots


Develop a plan for maintaining, programming and reusing vacant lots. 


Cleaning, maintaining, programming and developing vacant properties can completely transform a space. Taking this action can increase the feeling of safety, reduce negative perception, invite people to spend more time in our Main Street areas and will further encourage investment in our communities. 


Creating an inventory of vacant parcels, that includes notes about ownership, size, known environmental contamination and other pertinent information is a good first step. The local municipal Assessors Office and Land Use Office may be a resource for this information. It may also be helpful to utilize real estate listings and do a walking tour to identify vacant properties. Other natural partners are the local departments of Public Works, Parks and Recreation, Arts Council, Economic Development Commission and Chamber of Commerce. Together a community can prioritize properties, then create a plan and budget to clean, maintain, program and reuse vacant properties.

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