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D.4.4 Trees


Develop, fund and implement an annual tree management and planting plan.


Trees are an essential component in a downtown setting, providing beauty, cooling shade, community identity, traffic calming and fresh air. It is known that town centers and urban areas often are densely developed, paved, and have a lack of green space and trees. Trees should be maintained and appropriately reincorporated to our downtowns. Communities with trees as part of a beautification program send a positive message to potential investors, like new residents or developers. Educational tree care and planting programs that include volunteer opportunities increase social engagement and allow merchants, property owners and other community members to work as a team.

  • Utilize your public amenities or tree inventory and any previous community engagement feedback to create, fund and implement a tree management and planting plan that reflects community spirit and enhances the pedestrian experience. 
  • As part of your tree inventory or planting plan, have a goal of at least 80% of all trees being appropriate for the downtown. For example, they are an appropriate height, species, roots aren’t disrupting buildings or sidewalks, blocking traffic / safety signs or creating other safety hazards. 
  • Be sure all plantings are maintained throughout the year.
  • Encourage merchants and businesses to participate in the planting program.

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