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D.2.4 EV Charging Stations


Install and maintain EV Charging Stations in convenient, accessible locations throughout the downtown.  


Adding EV Charging Stations downtown will provide a safe, convenient asset to attract more residents, shoppers, diners and employees of local businesses.  

  • Engage the community and various stakeholders to understand the need and desire for EV charging stations, including possible locations. 
  • Develop a plan for, and fund, installation and maintenance of EV Charging Stations. 
  • Be sure to install directional signage leading users to the stations. 
  • Make EV Charging Station information available online, social media, and advertise with all events.

Main Street Management Assessment Rubric

Scoring Standards
  • The district has active electric vehicle charging stations.
  • Clear directional signage is in place.
  • The district has plans in place to launch electric vehicle charging stations including clear directional signage.
  • The district is considering electric vehicle charging stations.
  • The district has no plans for any electric vehicle charging stations.

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