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D.1.3.2 Sidewalk Furniture and Fixtures


Provide and maintain branded, carefully curated public amenities such as lighting, benches, bike racks, garbage and recycling receptacles. 


Public amenities invite people to spend time in the downtown and can help create feelings of welcoming, safety and a sense of “being someplace special”. Clean, well-maintained sidewalk furniture and fixtures show that a community cares and is willing to invest in their downtown. Planning a system of public amenities through branding, design, color and repetition will help to create your Main Street’s unique identity. 

  • Conduct a public amenity audit and hold community outreach events to understand existing conditions downtown. This process can be used to come up with a wishlist for improvements and help prioritize new amenities. 
  • If you do not already have updated branding or a color scheme for the downtown, consider hiring a landscape architect or marketing firm to help the district create a public amenity plan. 
  • Develop, fund and implement a plan to properly maintain these amenities in the district. 
  • Be sure local regulations and policies are in place to support installation and maintenance of amenities as part of any redevelopment project or new development.

Main Street Management Assessment Rubric

Scoring Standards

Elements include benches, bike racks, garbage receptacles, recycling receptacles, and cigarette receptacles.

  • The sidewalks have at least 4/5 elements.
  • All furniture and fixtures are regularly maintained and cleaned.
  • Furniture and fixtures are branded.
  • The sidewalks have at least 3/5 elements.
  • All furniture and fixtures are regularly maintained and cleaned.
  • The sidewalks have at 2/5 or less of the elements.
  • Furniture and fixtures are sporadically maintained and cleaned.
  • There are no sidewalk furniture or fixtures.

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