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D.1.3.1 Sidewalk Conditions


Conduct community outreach. Design and construct sidewalks in the district that provide maximum connectivity and are compliant with accessibility standards. Develop a plan and budget to keep them well-maintained.


Sidewalks connect people to local businesses, jobs, education, places of worship, social events, food resources and more throughout the downtown, and this encourages increased foot traffic and economic development. Utilizing a well-maintained, accessible sidewalk can also be a more healthy, environmentally friendly, affordable, and welcoming way to get where you need to go. 

  • Conduct a sidewalk audit and hold community outreach events to understand existing conditions of sidewalks downtown. This can include a wishlist for improvements, amenities and additional sidewalk connections. 
  • Develop, fund and implement a plan to properly maintain sidewalks in the district. 
  • Develop, implement and plan for advertising your sidewalk network. 
  • Be sure local regulations and policies are in place to support installation and maintenance of the downtown sidewalk system.

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